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Ask us a question, da? Ivan promises not to bite too hard. ;)
wellshitifthisistakintoo sent: Does France ever go "too far" with Gilbert, Ivan?

Francis and Gilbert are good, good friends. Ivan highly doubts that Francis would step over his personal boundaries like that.

Or that Francis would step over the line knowing that Ivan is the man Gilbert is with. He does have bad reputation, you know. 

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Anonymous sent: Tell me about a time Ivan has had to comfort Gilbert and vice versa.

Before we were…together, Ivan had to calm down a very upset Gilbert, because he’d been dumped by another whose name Ivan will refrain from saying. He was a wreck, but Ivan managed to comfort him, thankfully. Poor thing looked so broken up inside.

Oh ja….that was…ja..

und of course I’ve had to…Ivan felt awful cause everyone had left him when the Union fell. He just…fell apart.

…That is something Ivan never wishes to experience again.


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Anonymous sent: Both of you tell me a time you got jealous please?

…A week ago, Gilbert and Ivan were at a club and Ivan and Gilbert were drinking and the next thing he knows there’s a man on the floor with a broken nose and Ivan’s hands are bloodied…

…he just told me I had a nice ass.

Und there’s not really much to get jealous of. Ivan’s not exactly…what most people go after. Though if he spends too much time at China or America’s house I get…pretty pissy.

"Pretty" pissy? You made me sleep on the couch after I went out for lunch with Yao yesterday. 

…But then you did not break a man’s nose, so Ivan should not be talking.

-brushes him off- Whatever.

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Anonymous sent: What is the weirdest thing you guys have every done together?

That one April Fools was pretty weird.

Remember Ivan? You were in a dog ears und tail und a pretty little orange-cream dress~

Shut up. Ivan does not want to remember that horrible day.

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Anonymous sent: Alfred: *Wanders over to the both of them, then grabs Gilbert and shoves him against the wall, kissing him*

-Whistles a jaunty tune, snags his pipe from a nearby wall, swings it through the air once, twice. And then he swings it at Alfred’s head.-

-breathes out for a moment to catch his breath- Danke.

Motherfucker thinks he can waltz in here and kiss /my/ man.

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Anonymous sent: Gilbert, do you have any scars? And if so, what ones?

Ja, of course I have scars. It’s hard to scar a nation, but I’ve been in more than enough wars to get myself a nice collection of them. My favorite is this one I got fighting off the Ottoman Empire with Hungary when we were little. We were a pretty awesome team back then~

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Anonymous sent: Ivan, has Gilbert ever cried in front of you? Or, you in front of him?

Mmm, Ivan has cried plenty of times in front of Gilbert, and he is not ashamed to admit it. But…Da, he has seen Gilbert cry a few times.

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Anonymous sent: Gilbert, what do you do when Ivan starts to "Kol" and his creepy purple-ish atmosphere surrounds him? Do you run like everyone else?

Run? Really? Running’s unawesome und cowardly. Normally if I get him that mad we have a good shouting match und he screams und locks himself in his room until he cools off. He has a tendency to get really moody but he normally comes back und apologizes for any damages and things stay cool. It’s tough being a nation, sometimes you gotta let off a little steam. -shrugs-

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Anonymous sent: Gilbert, is Ivan really a "cuddle" bear?

Seeing as how I’m obviously the most manly out of the both of us, ja.

Sometimes he just scoops me up and takes me to a big chair in front of the fireplace to cuddle. Or the bed, but that’s normally just cuddling as well to help him get to sleep.

I enjoy the cuddling, not going to lie it’s pretty dang awesome, but sometimes it can get annoying if I’m in the middle of blogging and he wants to cuddle.

Eh, I guess you could say I tend to enjoy it anyway. He’s really warm and it can get really cold really fast in the Eastern European Winter.

So, ja would be the answer to your question. Ivan is a huge fucking cuddle bear. 

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